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With a lot of us making trips to the Coast and beaches, upcountry and generally sunny places we risk getting sunburns. However, what exactly is Sunburn? This describes burning of the skin due to prolonged exposure to the Sun’s UV rays. It is usually characterized by red, sometimes swollen and painful skin.

Sunburns vary from mild to severe. There is a myth that Dark skin people do not get sunburned. However Dark Skin people CAN and DO get sunburns. Dark skin people generally experience sunburn less frequently because melanin does in fact provide sun protection of up to an SPF13. And sometimes identifying sunburn in dark skin people can be a bit difficult.
In lighter skin people and Caucasians sunburn is quite obvious and is characterized by redness, swelling, blistering of the skin and peeling of the skin. In darker skin type the redness is less noticeable.

Other signs include:
How to Manage Sunburns

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Nivea Sun After Sun Nourishing Balm

Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream

You can also choose to use a broad spectrum sunscreen when going out into the sun like Cerave Hydrating Sunscreen, which you can find here. If symptoms persist or in case of severe sunburn kindly visit a dermatologist.