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Get Vaccinated Before You Travel

While the Corona Virus continues to cause anxiety, it’s very unlikely you will be visiting Wuhan any time soon. However, you might be visiting Belgium, Norway, Congo or other destinations. For your own safety and that of other citizens, many countries require you to be vaccinated against some viruses or bacteria.

WHO and CDC recommend these vaccines for those in Kenya: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, cholera, yellow fever. While some like Yellow Fever is a single dose, most require booster doses.

This is what you need to know about the different Vaccines:

Yellow Fever

  • The vaccine is recommended for people aged 9 months or older and who are traveling to or living in areas at risk for yellow fever virus in Africa and South America.
  • The vaccine is a single dose that provides lifelong protection for most people.
  • The vaccine should be done at least 10 days before traveling to allow enough time for the vaccine to work
  • The reactions to the yellow fever vaccine are rare and generally mild and include headaches, muscle aches, and low-grade fevers.


Hepatitis A

  • Causes Liver disease
  • Spread through contact with the stool of infected persons
  • The vaccine is given as two doses, six months apart
  • The vaccine is given to anyone above 1-year-old


Hepatitis B

  • Causes Liver disease
  • Spread through contact with blood, semen, or other body fluid of infected persons
  • HIV positive people are more susceptible to Hepatitis B infection.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine is usually given as 2, 3, or 4 shots. Dose 1, 2nd dose after one month and 3rd dose 6 months after the 1st



  • Contacted through taking food or drink contaminated by the bacteria
  • Typhoid vaccine can be administered as an injection or taken orally.
  • The injection is administered to people aged 2years and above. One dose is recommended at least 2 weeks before travel. Repeated doses are recommended every 2 years for people who remain at risk.
  • The oral vaccine is taken by people 6years and above. One capsule is taken every other day, to a total of 4 capsules. The last dose should be taken at least 1 week before travel. Each capsule should be swallowed whole (not chewed) about an hour before meals with cold or lukewarm water. A booster vaccine is needed every 5 years for people who remain at risk



  • Contacted through taking food or drinks contaminated with the bacteria and is linked to poor sanitation and lack of clean drinking water.
  • Cholera vaccines are administered to people traveling to cholera endemic areas
  • Cholera vaccine is a single-dose suspension taken orally.


Whether you are traveling or not, getting vaccines is always a good way to prevent infections. Next time you are jetting out, consider stopping by Portal Pharmacy and get your vaccination done.