Travel Convenience – Yellow Fever Vaccine

  Yellow fever vaccine Traveling to another country can expose you to a multitude of diseases that are not common in your home country. Getting vaccinated will help keep you safe and healthy while you’re traveling. It will also help make sure that you don’t bring any serious diseases home to your loved ones. Ideally, […]

Get Vaccinated Before You Travel

While the Corona Virus continues to cause anxiety, it’s very unlikely you will be visiting Wuhan any time soon. However, you might be visiting Belgium, Norway, Congo or other destinations. For your own safety and that of other citizens, many countries require you to be vaccinated against some viruses or bacteria. WHO and CDC recommend […]

Protect Your Health – Get a Flu Vaccine

Frequently Asked Questions What you need to know Who can get the vaccine? If you are above the age of 6 months, you are eligible to get a flu shot. However, your health status should be accessed to ensure that you’re healthy or immunocompetent. How many times should I get the vaccine? The influenza vaccine […]