How to heal & manage dry feet

Dry and chapped feet and how to manage them Cracked heels also known as heel fissures, are often a non-issue and a simple cosmetic problem and a nuisance, but they can also lead to serious medical problems especially when they are deep and bleeding.  Scientifically, the skin on the feet tends to become drier as […]

How Retinoids Work – Benefits, Uses, Side Effects and more!

Retinoids are a family of compounds derived from Vitamin A. There are several forms of Retinoids from over-the-counter to prescription strength in topical and oral medication form. Over-the-counter Over-the-counter (OTC) retinoids are most often found in serums, eye creams, and night moisturizers. They include: Retinol Retinoid esters (retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate, and retinyl linoleate) Adapalene […]

Why Everyone Loves CeraVe | A Review

CeraVe is a skincare company developed with the help of dermatologists to either maintain or restore damaged skin to a healthy, hydrated state. They started out in 2005 with three products that were instant hits in the skincare market: a cleanser, a moisturizing lotion, and a moisturizing cream. Since then, the brand has expanded to […]


With a lot of us making trips to the Coast and beaches, upcountry and generally sunny places we risk getting sunburns. However, what exactly is Sunburn? This describes burning of the skin due to prolonged exposure to the Sun’s UV rays. It is usually characterized by red, sometimes swollen and painful skin. Sunburns vary from […]

Sunscreens And How To Use Them

Wearing sunscreen 365 days a year is imperative regardless of skin shade. Generally darker skin people have sun protection spf 13 thanks to melanin, but this is not enough to protect their skin from UV rays and damage as a result of it. Black indeed does Crack! Here’s why you need to wear sunscreen everyday […]