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Reproductive health and everything you need to know

Reproductive health issues are a leading cause of illness and death for women and girls of reproductive age in developing countries. While reproductive organs play a crucial part, sexual & reproductive health factors in complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. However, whenever the subject of reproductive health comes up, most think this is limited to reproductive organs.

Access to information

Maintaining great reproductive health calls for access to accurate information. From the basics of the working of the human body to information on contraceptives, accurate information should also include affordability of contraceptives and transparency on the various options available (and the after-effects of each).
This information is available at hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies; and you can consult with pharmacists at our pharmacy.

Safe Sex Life

Good sexual reproductive and sexual health calls for safe sex life, which is also tied to the ability to reproduce. While some forms of contraceptives i.e. condoms work in ensuring safe sex, other forms of contraceptives go the extra mile of ensuring the freedom to decide if, when, and how often one is interested in having children. Thus, family planning is a vital part of reproductive health. Speak to your doctor or a healthcare professional and exhaustively investigate before picking a contraceptive option.

Protection from Sexually Transmitted Illnesses.

In an age where sex is not as big a taboo as it previously was, infection control is important. Sexual and reproductive health calls for one to be informed on the different sexually transmitted infections that are prevalent to be able to protect oneself from these infections. Talking with your doctor or gynecologist is one way to gather the necessary information. Additionally, you can be proactive enough to schedule body checkups.

Sexual and reproductive health is a personal matter and each individual has the right to make decisions pertaining to their own health. To make informed decisions call us on 0740637700 to consult our team of pharmacists.