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Three Back to School Essentials For Your Child In 2022

Another year of education is due to kick off so it’s time to get organized with all the back to school essentials again. You won’t forget a thing with all the school necessities and back to school tips in one place.

Preparing for a new school year can be daunting for parents, especially if you are a first-time school parent. There are so many different things kids need to kick off their year of education and it can be easy to overlook something until the last minute.

Gone are the days when back to school essentials included: stationery and uniform. With the current pandemic we need to stay on top of our health and those of our kids. 

So what are the 2022 back to school essentials?


  1. Face masks- As COVID-19 cases increase, many schools will still require masks for students, teachers and staff this year.
  2. Sanitizing wipes, spray and hand sanitizer- Now more than ever, it’s a good idea to have some germ killers handy, especially if you can’t wash your hands.
  3. Immune boosting supplements- Children are generally fussy eaters and sometimes miss out on some essential nutrients in their diet. That is why it is prudent to supplement them. Immune boosting supplements are great for helping your body immunity perform well. 

Here are other supplements your children are likely to benefit from